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Renco Nutrition is a full-service global provider of nutritional supplements manufacturing and, including sports nutrition pills, capsules, gummies & softgels The company currently offers more than 100 supplements for human as well as pets.

Manufacturing Capabilities 

Manufacturing services are supplied in a state-of-the-art facility located at Atlanta suburbs. The facility maintains ideal temperature and humidity levels in all manufacturing zones (encapsulation, blending, tableting, packaging, and powder packaging).

We can handle your production needs from product development to product introduction to complete market penetration.

Machines List

Fully automated lines and semi-automatic counters facility

Powers: automated line facility

Quality Control Facility

In a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, PhDs and lab technicians ensure that every product manufactured meets our rigorous standards of perfection.

The procurement and receipt of raw materials to the delivery of final products.


Quality assurance professionals check every step of the manufacturing process. All members of our quality assurance team get ongoing education and training as part of our complete quality management approach. Our QA team’s painstaking effort goes far beyond cGMP compliance; it ensures that we will always reach our high standards of excellence.

Temperature Control

A standard operating procedure is in place at the  Contract Manufacturing Facility to monitor the temperature and humidity in the production (blending, encapsulation, powder, and packaging) and warehouse areas.

Stepwise procedures and processes defined in Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation, and the GMP Compliant Contract Manufacturing Facility also provides continual education. and training for all staff in Job Functions and in the requirements of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Regulations.

Product Development

Our product development team has the knowledge and experience to help you develop and formulate your products in accordance with all regulations while staying within your budget. Our understanding of components, formulas, and presentations will be invaluable to your business.


You will receive a formal written quote based on a master formulation draught that will tailor to your project’s exact requirements. Our quote structure is simple to read and understand, and it may be tailored to meet the regulatory needs of the destination country.

All Renco Nutrition ingredients undergo stringent quality analysis that includes heavy metal, pesticide, and irradiation testing. All herbal powder ingredients are also tested under the company’s third-party identification process.

Facility Tour