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All Employee Of Renco can now login from here. Click here.

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Renco Scholarships

Renco is in process to Start the scholarships to the Selected Meritorious students. Applicable to Covington city schools only.

Renco Scholarships

We are in process to start the Scholarship
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Renco Parterships

Available for Research in Natural Products, Renco is ready for partnerships with Universities for R&D. Please contact with us

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Renco University

Learning portal about our products and ingredients

Learning Portal

Learn more about the products. Coming soon.
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Renco Internships

Renco Offers Summer Internships to the current Graduate students from US universities in Life Sciences, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Natural Products, or Related field.

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Renco Awards

Local Students can now can visit us with their teachers to tour our facility to learn about manufacturing and productions.

Awards of Industry Visits

Renco will provide certificate of visit to our facility to students.
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Renco Certifications

Coming soon for the students to complete 2 hours FREE training course.

Join us for Certification

You can now come to our facility to learn more. Free certification to add your existing Resume.
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