Pay For Order

Our processes make small minimum orders possible at a reasonable price point, including custom orders.  Under our Private Label Program, we have a low minimum order of just 12 bottles.   Our Contract Manufacturing Program is designed for those that need custom formulations or large bulk orders.  The minimum order for contract manufacturing is determined by the custom formulation that is required.  We want to help you build your business so that over time you will be ordering larger quantities with each order.  Most companies require you to order over 100 bottles of one product to do private labeling.  We make it very easy to start with just a few bottles so you can build your business gradually as demand grows.

Most standard products are usually in stock.  For private label orders, we have a great team of designers and warehouse staff to assist you.  We can design your labels and ship your product usually within just a few day from when your order is placed.  Extra large orders may take just a couple extra days.  For large contract manufacturing orders, we can schedule delivery as needed.  All products are shipped through UPS and various freight carriers.  Normal delivery time for the west coast is 1-2 days.  Businesses on the east coast normally receive their product in 4-7 business days.

pay for order

Our streamlined processes allow for small minimum orders at competitive rates, including customized orders. In our Private Label Program, the minimum order is only 12 bottles, promoting accessibility. For our Contract Manufacturing Program, tailored for custom formulations or bulk orders, the minimum is determined by specific formulations. Our goal is to support your business growth by offering flexibility, unlike other companies that may require ordering over 100 bottles for private labeling. Start with just a few bottles and incrementally build your business as demand increases.

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